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Sep 5, 2010 7:30am PDT
going to ask if there's any questions. any questions from members of the disaster council for dr. allen? seeing none. thank you. are there any comments from the public at this time? seeing none, we're moving on and go back to item 4 and i believe we -- we need to switch some places here, right? okay. and so item number four is mapping vulnerable communities and the mayor's office on disability and -- susan meissner and karla johnson are here. >> good afternoon. i'm carla johnson and i'm here with my director susan missener. we have a presentation for you. it is titled mapping vulnerable populations. the goal of our presentation -- the goal of our presentation is to introduce to our disaster council mbs the project we have been working on called vulnerable population planning. this is a project that we been working on with the department of emergency management and i want to acknowledge the leadership that vicky hennessey and rob have shown on the project by making it a priority to integrate the emergency planning needs with -- for people with disabilities as long as with our manning for the cit
Sep 5, 2010 7:00am PDT
. dr. allen. >> can i stand up? >> we need you talk -- >> thank you. >> thank you for the invitation to come and talk to you. develop methodologies to try to get warnings out to people before they start to kneel the shaking in an earthquake. when i say warnings, we're talking about a few seconds tofu 10s of seconds warning. that's not a lot of time. i'm going to argue the amount of time that could put to great use and show you examples of how we can do that. my nature is rich allen. i'm a professor at berkeley and the size moll hodge cal department. i'm here with peggy hellwig who is operations manager. first of all, what is earthquake early warning? what is earthquake early warning? this is animation running in realtime. it is going to show a magnitude eight earthquake. it is the same as the 1906 earthquake that we heard about. the distances this this earthquake is starting at the top of the an san andreas fault and is going to rupture its way down to stran. that's what the gray -- this laser is much use. but this is what the brown is. this is the rupture coming down the fault to san f
Sep 27, 2010 11:00am EDT
have to eat on the run. in america, that means fast food. we brought in dr. allen dollar from emory university. this is a place where millions of americans eat every day because we have to. so, how do you do it? can you do it and be healthy? >> absolutely. there are foods within fast food restaurants that are good for you. you can look for fresh fruit. salads. >> reporter: when you talk aboutabout salads, what about the fried chicken? >> bigger problem is the dressing. ask for the locw calorie versio. >> the amount of fat and type of fat in poultry is healthier, but a lot of these choices have to do with the number of calories. if you're going to get a hamburger, you may want to leave off half of the bun. >> and french fries. >> they're one of those foods with a lot of calories and not a lot of nutritional value. >> what about what you drink? >> my wrul of them is that in general, most of your beverages should not have calories. you can make choices for a diet soda, but regular sodas are loaded with sugar. as are juices. look for things that are less processed. >> this may seem like
Sep 14, 2010 1:35am PDT
? >> oh, yeah. it's always the same. it's the children. >> reporter: george raymond said dr. anthony jones had just one destination in mind when he left oakland for zimbabwe last week. >> mother of peace catholic orphanage. >> reporter: home to 160 orphans. more than a decade dr. robert scott and oakland's allen temple aids ministries has collected volunteers and the most importanted donated goods. >> bringing enough drugs to help the kid. >> reporter: but taking hiv aids drugs to zimbabwe has landed dr. jones along with two nurses and a community health worker in a zimbabwe jail accused of practicing without a license. >> oh, my god, i was so shocked. >> reporter: he believes the zimbabwe government is feeling political weak. >> the americans are doing this for our people. we're not doing anything. >> reporter: but flexing political might he says, arresting the medical workers, then releasing them on $200 bail today but taking their pass reports. he feels this will have a chilling effect on bay area volunteers. >> obviously they're not going to probably want to take a chance being a
Sep 14, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. when it comes to these patients, a bay area woman knows firsthand what they are going through. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with her story. kim. >> reporter: allen, her name is lisa nash. you may not recognize her name, but once you hear and see her story, chance are you'll never forget her. >>> reporter: for those critically burned in the san bruno explosion, one bay area woman wants you to know, you're not alone. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. it will happen. >> reporter: five years ago, as seen on amateur videotape, lisa nash was caught in this terrible fire. an underground pg&e transformer exploded beneath her feet as she crossed an empty intersection in san francisco. the blast left nash severely burned on over 50% of her body. >> the moment of the accident was my most unlucky day. but from the moment thereafter, i was probably the luckiest person i had ever met. >> reporter: luckiest bass paramedics were on the scene and nash was just blocks way from the burn center at saint francis memorial hospital. >> they hydrated me and wrapped me up. they told me i looked li
Sep 17, 2010 5:00pm PDT
san francisco when you probably don't think you need protection from the sun but don't be fooled. dr. kim here with the fun way to tell when you're being exposed to the harmful rays. >> reporter: allen, we're talking here about uv rays and not only do they increase skin aging, they also can increase your risk of getting skin cancer and now one bay area woman has come up with a fashionable way to know when the exposure is great. >>> reporter: having fun in the sun can come at a cost. >> i, for one, have very fair skin. and it has a family history of issues with the sun. >> reporter: so megan baldwin keeps a close eye on her son braden and on his skin. >> you have a hat on. >> always, yeah. he's -- i make sure to cover his face. he has a spf 70 on his face and his hands. >> reporter: now an easy reminder to use sun protection. uv beads. they change color in the sun. the darker the colors, the stronger the uv ray. >> it's just like magic. blue, what color is that? >> reporter: teacher patricia swanson says for kids seeing is believing. >> one parent told me it ends the argument about pu
Sep 20, 2010 2:30pm PDT
control. karen allen, bbc, durbin. >> you're watching bbc world news. the father of one of the victims of the lockerbie airliner bombing has visited the man convicted of the crime who is in hospital in libya. dr. jim swine whose daughter was among the 270 killed above the town of lockerbie, said he was in better shape than he expected though still gravely ill. >> his status hasn't changed much. he gives the impression of a man fighting a desperate illness and how long he's got, i wouldn't want to fall in the trap of hazarding a guess. it could be a long time, it could be -- something could happen catastrophically as we're talking even. because cancer with active secondary such as he's got can lead to sudden complications that are irreversible. i have no idea how long he's got. >> he lost his daughter flora in the lockerbie bombing. a lost population of tigers has been captured on camera living in the kingdom of bhutan. a series of camera traps, documenting the mountain tigers. it's proof they're able to survive away from the jungle habitats and could improve efforts to protect
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Sep 10, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, richard allen the first founder of black denomination in america, the soldier of the american revolution, the first guy who taught medicine and dr. beng benjamin rush. >> let's take the first representatives. i asked when did we have our first black speaker of the house, when did we have the first speaker of the house. >> 1789. >> glenn: 1789. when did we have our first black speaker of the house, i bet most people say never. >> never, except it was right here. joseph hane rainy. joseph hane rainy south carolina the first black in the house of representatives. and you have here hiram, the first black southern elected and he recruited three regiments of black soldiers in the civil war and you have benjamin turner, this guy right here is really cool. robert brown elliott, probably the most brilliant guy of that era. he actually took on the vice-president of the confederacy in a debate on the floor and just tore his head off. and alexander stevens. when did we turn-- were these guys proud americans or did they say we-- >> oh, they-- this is the epitome of what we were just talkin
Sep 14, 2010 5:00am PDT
pharmacist's supervision. the allen temple baptist church says it has been working in zimbabwe for more than a decade and licenses have never been an issue before. >>> those members are glor why cowl, dr. anthony jones, gregory miller and david greenberg. they pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. and the judge let them go. bail for each was the equivalent of about $200 u.s. but the four also had to relinquish their passports. >>> president bush's is trying to inspire students as classes glynn for the new school year. yesterday, he spoke at a conference of black colleges and universities in washington. today he will speak to a younger crowd in philadelphia. the white house released a transcript of the speech which will urge kids to work hard and stay focused >>> some researchers say they know where the oil is from the massive gulf of mexico leak. university of georgia scientist say they found a lot of the oil lying on the gulf floor. a mile down and 80 miles from the site of the leak which was caused by an explosion in april. a research vessel found a blanked about 2" thick of oil unde
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)